JungIn Choi

05/13/2021, 4:35 PM
• Fix logic routing to main activity ◦ Before, what I did was to start main activity again by calling startActivity(Intent ~~) ◦ However, since there were many background logics (Fetching from server etc.) running on main activity, this was an overhead. ◦ Since our main activity is always on the bottom, calling activity.finish() from the other activity was a better option. (was my supervisor’s feedback) • Product Detail activity, Purchase Activity, buttons & routings • Checked api document, related to current sprint. It’s still on progress, backend ppl are working on it. So I wasn’t able to replace the text attributes to viewmodel binded ones, but I just spent some time to get grasp of next week’s job.
Goals Tomorrow
• Add payment bottom sheet on purchase button click. ◦ Layout job + Logic handling both should be done. ◦ User’s payment information and coupon information should be shown inside the bottom sheet. Check the current mvvm structure related with WalletActivity part (WIP of my supervisor) • Set basic structures related to mvvm ◦ StoreFragment - figure how that webview callback thing should work.. I got the abstract understanding but should look more into the code. (find the similar part using this webview clicking logic or google) ▪︎ ElecleAPI.kt - getProduct / StoreFragment - (image click handler) / PassDetailActivity - (showing pass detail image webview) ◦ MyPassFragment ▪︎ ElecleAPI.kt - me/purchase ? me/product ? whatever.. ▪︎ PurchasedProduct, PurchasedProductUsageHistory - both as data class ▪︎ Add methods inside storeviewmodel (or maybe separate..?) and check places to replace the text attributes
🔥 1
• BEST Shoveling of today ^___^ ◦ On EditText of coupon bottom sheet, edit.text was kept being underlined. ◦ To disable the ugly underlining, I did everything - (setting background null, setting background tint transparent etc.). However, everything did not work, and I figured out that google keyboard’s word suggesting feature was the problem. Gboard’s suggestion feature was somehow wrapping the text with a underlined span tag. So, I added a span-removing feature inside the text change listener, and finally it was solved.
for (span in s.getSpans(0, it.length, {
◦ It was quite frustrating to spend too much time on minor feature. However this strong black underline was ruining our designer’s nice & clean prototype • From this week, I started contributing to our company app’s code, meaning that I’m pushing to the branch. And yesterday I got first comment on github PR. I liked my supervisor’s feedbacks and comments too. ▪︎ He’s a great supervisor with generous & relaxing attitude. I’m not saying that this attitude is always absolutely splendid, but it’s surely good to me since I’m almost always stressed and put pressure to myself. I would’ve been stressed out and quit if he was so demanding and ungenerous with compliments. My lab supervisor in graduate school was just that kind of person, and I still feel so void when I think of those days being gas lighted. It was a great choice to run out of that place ▪︎ He comments on github, professionally and kindly. I didn’t know that this was possible, since me myself is not kindly in text when I try to be professional. But when a more-professional person and less-professional person makes a professional conversation, both people feel lots of pressure. Less professional person can feel intimidated, being afraid that lack of experience & knowledge can be shown under qualified. However, funny fact is that more-professional person can also feel lots of pressure for the same reason. My supervisor always talks humorously while lowering himself, saying that he doesn’t know this well too, but it’s okay and we’ll someday figure out etc.