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05/03/2021, 3:37 AM
Day 49
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Testing on Android

YouTube course by Phillip Lackner • Completed first 3 Parts of course
• Beach was great! Beautiful weather, Parakeets in the trees, massive Pelicans landing next to me in the water, a dolphin was hanging out with everyone as well. Made for a nice beach day, may try to start going once every week or two.. 👀🏖️ • I've come across Phillip's Jetpack Compose tutorials recently and found the ones I watched useful. I was looking for a course to practice various tests focusing on Android if possible. I stumbled upon Phillip's Testing on Android course and so far it's going well! Sunburnt so my energy is a bit drained, but stuck through the first three parts of his course where he explains reasons for testing, writing good tests, and also went over tests with practices. He gave "homework" for part 3 which I almost completed but forgot a couple use cases and he intentionally made an error in the code which I did not catch. I hope he continues the course this way as it's nice to stimulate my brain with some "problem solving" again. I'm excited! :android-dance: • Creating a new project to practice and implement tests was definitely a smart decision. I was overwhelmed trying to learn with an existing project due to not really knowing where to start. Returning back to the basics with writing test cases for one / two functions at a time is refreshing and makes it easier to focus on the specifics. • Extra thought: I started thinking again today about my Kotlin skills. While I'm improving in Android, I feel like I'm not actually using a lot of Kotlin as I came across an article today that was talking about an algorithm and realized I would not of been able to solve it without playing around with different operations in the Kotlin Standard Library. I may begin practicing algorithms. Set a goal of one or two a week at minimum. 🤔🤷‍♂️
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Testing on Android

• Possibly work on an algorithm? :kotlin-intensifies:
Big self comment today. Seeing what I'm working on shows that I'm finally entering the stage I've been looking forward to, while at the same time I do not feel like I know enough about building Android Projects as a whole. But I've come to terms with it and as long as I keep practicing and pushing forward, I'll get there 😊 Pointing out one of my goals: I come across people who want to start getting into mobile development, or android specifically. While I feel fairly confident in responding to them, I also feel like I don't have the experience to back it up, just knowledge of what I've researched and my own opinion. I'm unsure if I'm in a position to give them advice since I'm still working on it myself. That being said, I'll do my best to at least give my opinion of what I believe to be good advice from my experience, but I would like to gain more experience myself to have more credibility in my replies. That being said, I make sure to let them know what stage I'm at so they can collect my opinion with others to form their own. As this is how I'd hope people would reply to me if I asked.