Bryan L

04/16/2021, 5:27 AM
Day 36
• Worked on Daily Doc: Saves/Fetches Correctly, added Warning Dialog to Clear Icon, some UI changes, refactored, updated Readme with new(ish) screenshots • Created* _APK for App_* (if you'd like to test in current stage)
• Didn't finish Coroutines Codelab. I should get back to it, but I've been motivated to work on Daily Doc lately! I've put RBP on hold for the unforeseeable future. Feels like a burden has been lifted and my mind has been clearer since. • A lot of work still needs to go in to the project, I'll have to review how to check for memory leaks and finish that coroutines codelab to point out some obvious flaws in how I've implemented them in my app! • I built an apk and generated a signed bundle for it? Bit cloudy still on the process and avoiding uploading it to the play store until tests are implemented(problem for later), but available in the link above! • Seems like transitions on navigation between screens/views are tricky in Compose. Will have to do some more research on this one. • I should really practice with Extension functions sometime over the next week or two..
Goals Tomorrow
• Research Transitions and Animations • Work on Coroutines Codelab
I wasted about 2 hours playing around with different Color schemes for the app. Had a couple decent ones but messed them up along the way. I've come to realize I need to go and organize how colors are set, this won't take long but I'm not too concerned about color at the moment. The detail page really needs some love, but since it's only going to be displaying data for now, It's low priority