Bryan L

04/02/2021, 8:06 PM
Day 23
• Worked on Navigation in Notes App • Reviewed Room & Coroutines
• Late report of yesterday, had a rough time trying to implement Navigation without using additional libraries so I shut down the laptop and decided to report today. I felt motivated after the Room codelab, however there is a difference between it and what I'm trying to implement in my project. While my first Notes Project included Hilt, I'm trying to build this version without to better understand it. Also came across that I should not be parcelizing my note for navigation and instead navigate by id & then grab the note. This is where I'm struggling as It doesn't seem to navigate even with the note Id. I could parcelize the note and navigate by note instead, but read that it should not be done this way due to extra data being transferred vs just an "id" or "title, for example. I'm hoping to upload this version of the Notes project to Github and start updating it through there. I had intentions of doing it with the previous, but decided against it. I'll add in a thread what my goal for the app before adding to git. Spent more time than anticipated on the project instead of going over Android Kotlin Fundamentals..
Goals Tomorrow
1. Continue with Notes project (add navigation to detail screen and maybe add screen).
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I'll structure this more at a later date in a later post. Using thread here to keep in mind some specific goal(s) (crossed out = complete) Accomplish before uploading to Git:Mainscreen with ability to navigate to specified note details & also navigate to create new note.Basic UI for 3 screensRoom Database to store notes with ability to retrieve all or by id, insert note, & delete note (will remove delete option later)Edit: Above complete, note caches when onStop() is called, but is destroyed when onDestroy() is called. Would like to figure out how to save it before uploading to Git. Future implementation thoughts • Implement retrofit or firebase for online storage? • Add login screen? • Animations: during navigation, onClicks, ... • Ability to edit Body of Notes
if (dateCreated != current date)
else if current, can edit anything. • One note for each day • Search by date or words in summary. Perhaps search by survey answer as well? • Settings or Drawer feature? • Swipe feature to change notes (back to previous day's note or forward to next day - on detail screen) • Later date feature, but would like to have server to be able to add others and view their notes. Date/Summary & body IF not private. Some features anyways, have thoughts for others. Just a rough idea of what's ahead and these seem like good implementations for a project. I feel like I'm only focusing on front end stuff and that is not my intention. 🤔