`Day17` - Finish Lesson 3 ◦ Intent (Explicit i...
# 100daysofkotlin-2021
• Finish Lesson 3 ◦ Intent (Explicit intent - launches an activity by its classname / Implicit intent - launches an activity based upon parameters, such as action, data and data type) ◦ Menu navigation - adds to the backstack from the current position / App drawer navigation - defaults to popping everything off the backstack except for the start destination / Using Navigation Listener to define behavior during navigation / Animation basics (exit/enter, pop exit/pop enter transition) • Started Lesson 4 ◦ Activity life cycle ▪︎ states (created / started / resumed / destroyed / initialized), callbacks (called when state changes) (onCreate, onStart, onResume, onDestroy, onPause, onStop, onRestart), Application class (contains global application state of app) ◦ Logging - Using basic android logging API. Log levels(verbose, debug, info, warn, error, assert) / Using Timber library…but I think I have to pack up my things for checkout so I’ll stop here…. • Bug of today - Kotlin: Cannot inline bytecode built with JVM target 1.8 into bytecode that is being built with JVM target 1.6. Please specify proper ‘-jvm-target’ option ◦ I’ve set
kotlinOptions {  jvmTarget = '1.8' }
but it still produced compile error. It was eventually a problem with Android Studio setting.. 😞
• Navigation part doesn’t touch well. I think I’ll just have to get used to this navigating workflow through actual projects. But whatever, lessons done for that. Lesson 4 seems to be much interesting. Yay hello callback. I wanted to know more about you..
Goals Tomorrow
• Tomorrow I have to move to other guesthouse so.. I might use pass. If I have a moment, my goal is to finish Lesson4. • Goals of upcoming week ◦ Finish until lesson 8 (priority 2nd) ◦ Have some research about Android BLE - Pick up basic terminologies.(priority 1st) ◦ Elaborate the ideas in my memo, draw some app sketch in notebook (priority 3rd) ◦ Enjoy the natural view of west jeju 🦠 (priority 0th)
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Enjoy the view! Interested in Bluetooth for any particular reason? android dance
@Bryan L Yes, I’m about to work in some mobility startup next month, so I’ll have to master BLE (tho I know nothing now 🥲)
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