Maria Shramko

05/12/2022, 4:00 PM
Did you know that the average small business in the U.K. loses over £70,000 per year because of currency volatility? We are here to change that. FX is hard and complicated, and because of that, many small businesses are not able to properly protect themselves. We’re on a mission to help small and medium businesses to protect their finances from ever-changing currency rates by making FX effortless. We are building the core team so you will have a huge impact on the product, the engineering culture and the entire company as we grow. Here is a link to the job - - Senior Software Engineers in Europe Our investors are Valar, Album, Moonfire and a number of angel investors, including the Founder of Klarna, the Founders of Qonto, and the Founders of Stash. The compensation level for the role is between €80,000-€110,000/yr + equity. P.S. We work mostly in JVM based languages (Kotlin and Java) P.P.S. our co-founder posted the story about how they came across the idea for Bound. Hopefully this will give you some inspiration about how excited we are about Bound and what we’re going to accomplish! You can read the story here: (edited)

Shahzad Afridi

05/12/2022, 4:36 PM
The link is referring to website home page not to the job description. Would be better to have a link that refer to job description so interested people can read or share in circle.

Maria Shramko

05/16/2022, 5:22 PM
@Shahzad Afridi thank you for mentioning that 🙂 unfortunately i can not edit post, so here is the link
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