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11/26/2021, 4:47 PM
Today: • Some minor checks and issues management. • PR: Removed some Python magic methods to support MicroPython. • PR: As discussed a week ago: removed more JS-related and unused stuff, mostly in testing code. I'm starting to understand the testing code as a whole, I hope it will help to migrate to the new infra in the future. Also, saw that there are two variants of stdlib: "full+kotlin.test" and "minimal for testing". It complicates affairs, but we can't use a single one always because it adds regressions. I think we should solve it in scope of introducing our own stdlib. Next time: • Continue with testing enhancements. I hope I'll finish with it and switch to compiler code.
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Piotr Krzemiński

11/26/2021, 7:04 PM
Thanks a lot! About two variants of stdlib - it's interesting... At first I'll just create a regular stdlib, whatever it means, and we'll see where we go with it.
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