It's quite uncomfortable for me that we have too m...
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It's quite uncomfortable for me that we have too much code that doesn't actually work. I mean there are pieces including: 1. Stuff that is needed for JS but won't be needed for Python. Example: different logic for ES6 and pre-ES6. I don't think we will support different compilation modes in the foreseeable future. 2. Stuff that can be useful in Python but some adjustments are needed; this stuff doesn't work now because it's bound to JS but can be unbound and adapted to Python. Example: modules support. For now and in the short and mid term, I believe modules won't be supported by us (we are fixing compilation of a single file now). Our Py backend isn't that complex itself but it has a lot of legacy code that isn't clear. So today I got a very strong wish of spending some time on thoughtful inspection of the whole codebase that we've copied and getting rid of unneeded pieces. In the future, when we need some of them and be ready to support them properly, we can restore them from git history or from kjs dirs. I think this can make our life much easier. We will understand the remaining parts better. Also it will be easier to refactor (like switching to the new testing infra) and syncing with the upstream. The only problem is that there is much work, it can easily take a month or even more, but it can be done iteratively. So Piotr, wdyt? I can start with it. And you can continue with kpy stdlib.
I totally feel you, I also don't like working on a project with low quality, it just lowers morale. Given that it's mostly you who works on the logic, I encourage you to go forward with your plan :) what I can suggest is alternating between implementing feeaures and doing the cleanup, but it's up to you
My time for contributing is not great nowadays, but I'll try to push the stdlib thing forward slowly
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Maybe we would want a compilation mode for embedded systems targeting MicroPython? Personally, I'm interested in Kotlin to MicroPython for an embedded systems project (bike anti-theft device)