Today (turns out to be intrinsics day :slightly_sm...
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Today (turns out to be intrinsics day 🙂): • Worked with try-catch a bit, bumped into many problems. • The first one was with unsupported isinstance check, supported it (two intrinsics), +15 box tests pass. • The second one was with secondary constructors. Tried to continue Piotr's PR, added some workarounds, but always bumped into some more problems. The last problem was with not working super and this that some secondary constructors can have at the same time. Started over and searched out that Python supports creating an uninitialized object via
, so was able to implement Python-compatible variant of
intrinsic. Looks like the current state is working, but maybe we could make compilation more python-ish in the future if we want. +47 box tests pass (we have 1999/5787 passing now 😅). Next time: • Maybe some more unimplemented intrinsics. • Continue with IrTry but there can be some more blockers on the way.
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Wow, great that you found this ___new__ thing! And 1999 indeed looks nice :D great_ job Sergei! Looks exciting!
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searching "python create empty object of type" didn't give me much: but "python create object without calling init" worked out 😎:
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