hi <@UCE4UFX9Q>! I was wondering if we could chang...
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hi @SerVB! I was wondering if we could change our approach of choosing which features to implement next, and go like this: take some simple Kotlin examples (like in this file), try to run them from Python (see consumer.py), and try to infer which features are missing to make it work. WDYT? It should also naturally lead to having more box tests passing, but the benefit would be that certain real-life Kotlin pieces would already work end to end. Something we could present on some demo!
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I was planning to add a CI step that runs these snippets and puts their output (or Python stack trace) into some file. Thanks to this we could ensure in CI what's the status of the ability of running the snippets. I'm planning to work on it tomorrow. Makes sense?
Hi! Yep, makes sense to me. Let me pin this message so we can remember it :) Am I right that we can add more samples to the python.kt file? Then I will add something with integer numbers tomorrow and continue implementing them, OK?
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sure we can!