06/07/2022, 12:49 PM
@Yingding Wang For the codelab, is it specifically about introducing a first compose screen into an existing Wear app? I can't promise anything, but just like to understand the scope of what you are after and if it's slightly different what other material we already have. Or if it's important to have ways to share themes between android:theme and Wear MaterialTheme.

Yingding Wang

06/07/2022, 1:11 PM
Hi Yuri, it would be nice to have a codelab from my perspective to introducing a first compose screen into an existing Wear app. Personally, I don’t need to have a shared feature between android:theme and Wear MaterialTheme. But I need a MaterialTheme for wear compose to work, and the default theme from compose-wear and compose doesn’t work out of the box with my wear app which still support old android-wear with fragment using AppCompat activity. I will also welcome the explanation of different theme structure in this codelab, such as “android:theme”, MaterialTheme from compose, and Wear Compose MatrialTheme. I think the Themes are sometime prerequisites for some features, and all these infos are quite fragmented and it is quite difficult to get a gist of these while migrating my wear os app to wear compose. There is a compose migration codelab, which touches some of these issues for Android app migration to compose. It would be really great also to have one for wear os app, but i think the theme issue is really complicated for wear.
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