Any idea why <falling_balls> doesn’t have an andro...
# compose-ios
Any idea why falling_balls doesn’t have an android sample? 🤔 Is it not possible? or hard to setup? 🤔
any idea guys? @John O'Reilly @Arkadii Ivanov (sorry for the constant ping 😬)
@Dima Avdeev @Igor Demin
I think it's possible to add android target
Is there any plan to add ? 👀
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Not in the near future, but it definitely will be added someday. You could help, and make a PR, we are glad to review it 🙂
😄 will give it a try 👍 thanks for responding
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Is possible to have @theapache64. Here on Voyager we do have a multiplatform sample with iOS and Android target:
Wow. this is incredible. Great work @SrSouza and @Adriel Café
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Let me also advertise a bit here 😀 Decompose already supports Compose for iOS and macOS (there are two released versions at the moment). Sample is coming too -
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Decompose doesn’t need an introduction 😄 I have been using that for more than an year (i think am the first heavy user of that lib 😛 )
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It’s great to see that decompose now supports compose for iOS. I had to kind of hack some of the extensions in my own project before. Can’t wait to try it out.
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