Hi everyone, we’re looking for strong Android deve...
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Hi everyone, we’re looking for strong Android developers to join our team at DocTalk. Our mission at DocTalk is to make healthcare simpler and more efficient for both doctors and patients. We are backed by YCombinator (Winter 17), Khosla Ventures and Matrix Partners. We have 2 apps on Android which are almost entirely in RxJava and RxKotlin. We use MVI (Model-View-Intent) which helps us stay very agile. Here are some blogs we have written about MVI for iOS - https://blog.getdoctalk.com/unit-testing-in-ios-using-reactorkit-quick-nimble-rxblocking-swift-4-1-a01ccbaff44b, https://blog.getdoctalk.com/moving-to-model-view-intent-mvi-on-ios-2146e0c07d1c RxJava/RxKotlin knowledge is not a pre requisite, we love quick learners who constantly challenge themselves (one of our Android developers @Ash who codes in Kotlin everyday started coding in Swift and producing output at the same level as our other iOS developers within 2 days!). Many of the engineers on our team don’t have a formal education in computer science and picked it up by themselves in a very short period of time. Please feel free to contact @Ash, @visheshvadhera to ask them about their experiences here. We are located in ST Bed Layout, Koramangala. The Job Description is attached in , please direct message me if you are interested! Super excited to talk to good developers 🙂
Is job opening still available ?