Hello, World! I'm trying to investigate which pro...
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Hello, World! I'm trying to investigate which processors we're using that are not incremental. We used to have a warning about this, but I don't see it anymore. I'm kind of following this article[1] about this, so I'm enabling verbose logs and start a build like this:
./gradlew clean :app:assembleDebug -Pkapt.verbose=true --no-build-cache
I don't see the
Incremental KAPT support is disabled
log (I'm certain we used to have it some time ago). But I do see a bunch of
Incremental annotation processing (apt mode): false
which worries me. Does this mean it's disabled? (We do have
in our
). 💡 Ideas? [1] https://medium.com/@daniel_novak/making-incremental-kapt-work-speed-up-your-kotlin-projects-539db1a771cf
Reverting to an old version of our repo, which use Kotlin 1.3.x brings back the warning. Not 100% sure it's a Kotlin problem though since this also reverts lots of other dependencies that we updated since then. Can't easily try to change only the Kotlin version since we've started using traling commas everywhere 🤦‍♀️
i have started looking at non incremental kapt processors as well. Did you have any luck with this?
unfortunately the only way I found was to revert to Kotlin 1.3 which was painful