for some reason if i use kapt in my project compil...
# kapt
for some reason if i use kapt in my project compiler is throwing
bad RuntimeInvisibleParameterAnnotations
if i use java enum class as parameter or return type
Hi Ivan. I can see the issue which seems to be related but it is already closed:
Ok, it is a different bug because the situation is opposite here. Let me check.
Can you please report an issue at Please provide a link to your project if possible or describe some details.
Afaik this seems like a regression to the issue you posted. But since the exception is raised by the 3rd party library il have to check with them, otherwise il have to reproduce this issue by myself and give you more details
also fyi i tried using both 1.3.50 and 1.361
Just heard from the team, they were using kotlin 1.3.0, afther the update everything works as expected
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