I personally use MkDocs with MkDocs Material. When...
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I personally use MkDocs with MkDocs Material. When I did the site, Orchid was still green. I don’t know how it is now
Does Orchid cover KDoc?
I'm assuming it can process it in markdown form ?But I've never tried myself. I'm actually very curious about the answer.
Yes, Orchid integrates directly with Dokka, and does it much better than just embedding its markdown. #strikt is a good example of this integration https://strikt.io/kotlindoc/core/strikt/assertions/
Also, Orchid does all the work to call Dokka itself, so you don’t need to use Gradle to generate the markdown first, or anything like that. This tutorial will walk you through building a site with the Dokka integration. https://orchid.run/wiki/learn/tutorials/how-to-document-kotlin