5 months ago
    I’m trying to compile multiple KMM modules into a single iOS framework using the so called “shared umbrella module”. I’ve noticed that when compiling such module Gradle says it has no source:
    > Task :shared:compileKotlinIosSimulatorArm64 NO-SOURCE
    > Task :shared:linkDebugFrameworkIosSimulatorArm64 NO-SOURCE
    > Task :shared:assembleDebugAppleFrameworkForXcodeIosSimulatorArm64 NO-SOURCE
    Which is true because technically there is no source file in that module, it only includes other modules as dependencies. Nevertheless no actual framework is generated and the next Gradle task fails with:
    > Task :shared:embedAndSignAppleFrameworkForXcode FAILED
    cp: /.../project/shared/build/xcode-frameworks/Debug/iphonesimulator15.4/shared.framework: No such file or directory
    The same umbrella module works fine if imported from the android app (I can use and see all its transitive dependencies). How to debug this?


    5 months ago
    The Kotlin/Native compiler doesn't run if there's no source in the module you're compiling. You can workaround by adding a file
    with nothing in it