Hello! I have a question regarding the development...
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Hello! I have a question regarding the development process of KMP and Kotlin lang in general. First of all, I would like to say a big thank you to JetBrains team - the tools that you guys create are top-notch. I enjoy using them - be it an IDE or the Kotlin language. I also see that the development never stops and even if there are flaws/bugs - they get fixed fast, and each update makes the products only better. Currently the team I am working with is deciding on a tech stack for our upcoming mobile app, and the KMP/KMM looks very promising to us. We see that the multiplatform project is in alpha, but it is Ok to us assuming that the project is supported and we will be seeing new releases. There was a 1.6.20 version of Kotlin released just a couple of days ago, which is great! My biggest concern is - how is the development going on right now? From what I can tell many Kotlin lang developers are located in Russia. Did the teams manage to return to the same release-cycle tempo as previously? Or maybe there is a pause in development? Is it possible for some projects to be stopped at all? Anything of it is understandable assuming the circumstances. Also, I would like to add that I am very grateful for the clear position the company has taken regarding the war. I hope that everyone in JetBrains team is safe, wherever they are.
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Thank you for your kind words! The development speed is dropped a bit, that's true. But we see no major impact on our activity regarding Multiplatform and Kotlin in general. cc: @akapanina
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