Hello lovely people I put a <little thing> togethe...
# multiplatform
Hello lovely people I put a little thing together, which might be interesting for you. Any feedback is highly appreciated.
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this sounds really nice, mockk can be really finicky in my experience
Thx! If you have any questions or ideas feel free to open an issue or reply in this thread.
Nice work! Did you check the recent alternatives like mockmp or mockingbird (there was a 3rd one, I forgot the name)? They are just a few months old, so not sure if they are very famous yet.
Yes I did. Even used Mockative and MocKMP for comparison since I was a bit worried about compile time.
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I took a deeper look in each library as well to learn about potential weak spots or bugs or strengths of each approach.
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Do you have a summary of those findings somewhere?
Well, somewhere 😄...most probably I write about that since the context is broader, as soon as I come to it. In general I found this article very inspiring, which you might know already. If you have specific questions, I can already answer here.
Small addition - last weekend I also read this article, which is more Kotlin specific. While I not totally agree with the statement made there, it points out some important things.