Anyone know of a Kotlin Multiplatform project with...
# multiplatform
Anyone know of a Kotlin Multiplatform project with a recent working watchos client implementation?
Trying to restore watchos client in to working condition after switch to
but running in to a few issues
I don't have another good sample off the tope of my head but I am curious what issues. Is it dependency stuff on the kotlin side or something about how it interfaces with swift? Or something else?
Something that might trip you up: watchosX64 has 64-bit number types where watchosArm64 has 32-bit ones
So, trying to run in simulator....there was switch relatively recently to use
architecture in XCode for that and various KMP libraries were updated over time to support that ....
I updated
in common module to use
instead of
The watchos XCode project in the repo was created some time ago so could be some other incompatibilities as well....I tried creating a new watchos project, but getting what seem to be some cocaopods related issues then
hmm, thought I had tried this before but changed architectures build setting in XCode to
and working now!
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