# multiplatform

Alex Anisimov

07/02/2021, 2:51 PM
Attention all Kotlin Multiplatform users ️ Change the future of the technology by sharing your thoughts and feedback in the Kotlin Multiplatform user survey! Special prizes will be raffled after the survey. 🎁


07/04/2021, 11:07 AM
Thanks for the survey :-) I'm a heavy user of KMM and, since the beginning, I have felt that navigating across source-sets in JetBrains' IDE is a low-level but very persistent pain point. I don't see any improvements to this suggested in the survey anywhere so, I'm wondering, is it just me, or is it something we all 'silently suffer' with because it seems too basic to point out? There is a nice 3rd party KMM expect/actual navigation plugin which helps, but with a bit of creativity, a lot more can be done as part of the core IDE experience. One major bug that still persists and exacerbates this issue, is the IDE's lack of discrimination between Android vs plain JVM source sets; the IDE/Gradle plugin still doesn't get this right! Thoughts?