Osman Saral

06/29/2021, 8:09 PM
Hi, I'm getting
No tests found for given includes
error when I try to run my tests. As far as I could find, solutions proposed for this error are: 1. Adding
to build.gradle. I'm using junit4 and this doesn't work 2. import
instead of
import org.junit.Test
. Same as above 3. change setting Gradle -> Run Tests Using' from 'Gradle (default)' to 'IntelliJ IDEA'. This setting is not there on Android Studio Arctic Fox or Bumblebee I've tried to copy all the test related codes from KaMPKit and using exactly the same dependency versions as this branch. Same tests run on KaMPKit project but not on my project. Did anyone get this error before? What am I doing wrong?
Seems like I forgot to add robolectric
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