# multiplatform

Stefan Oltmann

06/29/2021, 11:45 AM
Anyone knows how to fix this?
Execution failed for task ':shared:allTests'.
> Failed to execute all tests:
:shared:iosX64Test: java.lang.IllegalStateException: command '/usr/bin/xcrun' exited with errors (exit code: 148)
Ok, found it... And it's really stupid! KMM is hardcoded to run tests on an "iPhone 8" simulator. If that one is not found it fails. Only "--scan" will show a error message that indicated that.
Or is there a property I can change so set it to an iPad? Maybe "iPhone 8" is just a fallback default, IDK.
As long as it's not configurable there should be a big fat warning "Attention: iPhone 8 Simulator not found. Tests fill fail." or something like that.
Indeed I cleaned my simulator list recently.