# multiplatform

Colton Idle

06/06/2021, 12:50 PM
Multiplatform noob here. I'm converting an android only library module to something that will support desktop in the future. This is my current directory structure, but from what I'm seeing, I basically would not use
anymore for any reason, right? common code goes into commonMain and android specific code would go into androidMain, while desktop specific goes into desktopMain?


06/06/2021, 3:02 PM
Note you can put Android resources in main, like colors and strings, and they are still visible from the Android side of things. I use this to share common colors and styles between multiple Android apps.
Update: I had originally used the ScrollableColumn and when that went away I replaced with the LazyColumn. I just looked again and found the verticalScroll modifier, which I suspect is the better way to go. Will be testing tomorrow.
Conclusion: use Column with verticalScroll modifier. Much, much faster in may case. 🙂
Crap, sorry, those two replies were destined for a different thread. Ugh.
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