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05/31/2021, 1:52 PM
Hello, I'd like to present Kotlin Multi-Platform has alternative to our current stack for a specific product in my company (we are more than 3000 employees). The concerned product is an Ad SDK, witch is a critical part of our business. Its architecture is roughly the same since 2016, and was not prepared for the iteration of features we had on it. Today, there is more than 20 developers working it. Our current architecture is: Native iOS SDK (Obj-C), Native Android SDK (Java), Webview (TypeScript) The native parts are used to load the WebView and expose some APIs to it. Native part and WebView communicate via messages. This architecture allows us to update our features without having to re-compile a binary, which would force game developers to update their app and re-publish it. We can quickly implement new ad formats, or introduce new UIs. Synchronizing all the APIs between these 3 components can be tricky and requires extra efforts on communication. We also have some extra work on re-implementing things on both native side, when it could be exactly the same on both side (such as adding extra fields to some of our requests). So now my question 🙂 Do you have any slides pre-made that presents Kotlin and Kotlin Multi Platform? I'd like to avoid to create them if they already exist and focus on example that applies to our tech stack.

Nikola Milovic

05/31/2021, 2:39 PM It's not exactly what you want but I'll pinch in with this link


05/31/2021, 4:44 PM
Ah missed that link. Thank you very much!