# multiplatform


05/13/2021, 7:51 PM
Hey all … I’ve created a new multiplatform project that creates a library and one of its targets is javascript. I’m trying to produce a package that I can publish to an npm registry. Everything complies OK, but the output for the js target seems …. odd. The produced
files have a few problems: 1. they have dependencies with “hardcoded” absolute file paths, like:
"kotlin": "file:/Users/brad.ball/dev/multiplatform/new/wager-utils/build/js/packages_imported/kotlin/1.5.0",
2. the dependencies list contains entries for
. Why would those be dependencies for a published package? Seems like at best they should be devDependencies. With the hard coded file paths, you can’t really publish the package or use it anywhere but on the machine where it was generated… The full package.json output is included in the replies thread… Am I doing something wrong? I have a pretty standard gradle config, haven’t really changed much from what was produced by IntelliJ when creating the project.
Here’s what the full package.json output looks like:
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  "name": "wager-utils",
  "version": "1.1.6",
  "main": "kotlin/wager-utils.js",
  "devDependencies": {},
  "dependencies": {
    "kotlin": "file:/Users/brad.ball/dev/multiplatform/new/wager-utils/build/js/packages_imported/kotlin/1.5.0",
    "kotlin-test-js-runner": "file:/Users/brad.ball/dev/multiplatform/new/wager-utils/build/js/packages_imported/kotlin-test-js-runner/1.5.0",
    "kotlin-test": "file:/Users/brad.ball/dev/multiplatform/new/wager-utils/build/js/packages_imported/kotlin-test/1.5.0"
  "peerDependencies": {},
  "optionalDependencies": {},
  "bundledDependencies": []