# multiplatform

Napa Ram

05/06/2021, 5:35 AM
Hi Forks, I'm exploring KMM, I have done with the setup in Android Studio. I could able to run the Android app perfectly, but when I try to run the ios app, facing an issue in configuration setup. Xcode project scheme Dropdown is empty. • But when I launch the ios App directly from Xcode, the app is working perfectly.

Róbert Nagy

05/06/2021, 9:24 AM
You’re referring to the KMM plugin right? Usually what worked for me is to build it first from Xcode, then maybe do debugging/running from Studio
From my experience while the plugin has great potential, for the purpose of building/debugging the iOS app still seems experimental

Napa Ram

05/06/2021, 9:59 AM
Thanks @Róbert Nagy
i am running xCode only latest plugin not supporting from android studio