# multiplatform

Daniele B

04/14/2021, 4:20 PM
In the D-KMP sample landing page, I have added the instructions to write your own D-KMP app. You can build very quickly an app using: KMP, JetpackCompose and SwiftUI. Give it a go, and provide your feedback. We only grow by sharing! The main characteristics of the D-KMP Architecture: • it fully shares the ViewModel (and the DataLayer) • coroutine scopes are cancelled/reinitialized automatically, based on the current active screens and the app lifecycle (using LifecycleOwner on Android and the SwiftUI lifecycle on iOS) • it implements the MVI pattern and the unidirectional data flow • it implements the CQRS pattern, by providing 2 types of functions to the UI layer: Events and StateProviders • it uses Kotlin's StateFlow to trigger UI layer recompositions
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04/15/2021, 12:40 AM
Looks cool! Any plans for a frontend web client to round things out?

Daniele B

04/15/2021, 6:17 AM
@ankushg I am waiting for 2 things to happen: 1. SqlDelight releasing version 1.5.0, which will have support for JS/Web (info here) 2. Compose for Web to become available (it hit a great milestone last week) I am expecting both things will happen around the time Kotlin 1.6 is released (Q4 2021)