# multiplatform


03/23/2021, 3:02 PM
Hey, I have a few questions regarding publishing mpp libraries and probably publishing in general as I am quite new to both. I'll post them in a thread below:
So, I have recently made one of my older projects multiplatform compatible. Now previously publishing was copy pasted together from some other projects I was more familiar with which were jvm builds only. I have since tried to look at kotlin multiplatform projects and guides to figure out how to adapt it and I have come up with both these two files for defining targets and publications: and So far so good (I hope). Also yes I know I am still using bintray, I did not want to switch up too much all at once 🙈 So when looking at bintray after running
, I get a 0.6.0 version and a bunch of versions named "kotlin-pretty-*" where * stands for the distribution. Those seem to only contain metadata. This confuses me quite a bit^^ Bintray after uploading waits for you to publish files, so which ones do I publish? All? Just the 0.6.0 one? Am I on the right path at all? This is about as far as reading and skimming other projects got me and I feel like I should just ask now before wasting any more time on more confused reading. Thanks in advance for reading and your help