# multiplatform

Abhishek Dewan

02/15/2021, 6:24 AM
Hi all, does anyone know if the KMM plugin is compatible with Android Studio Arctic Fox | 2020.3.1 Canary 5 Build #AI-203.6682.168.2031.7101492, built on January 25, 2021
If anyone know’s what version of artic fox will be compatible that would nice to know 🙂

Jeff Lockhart

02/15/2021, 7:27 AM
Might be in the dev channel. I installed the 0.2.1(202-1.4.30-release-IJ)-51 build 202.7660 — 202.* version on Android Studio 4.2-beta4. I’m assuming the 0.2.1(203-1.4.30-release-IJ)-24 build 203.6682 — 203.* version is for the Arctic Fox canary version.
Just download the zip and install plugin from disk.