# multiplatform

Jeff Lockhart

02/04/2021, 1:13 AM
Is it possible to use Java code as part of an actual implementation in android/jvm source set? I have the Java class implemented and my code compiles, but at runtime the app crashes with
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Failed resolution of: Lpackage/of/my/JavaClass;
I need to workaround a Kotlin/Java interop bug in a library where an enum is not accessible in Kotlin because it is part of a non-accessible parent class.


02/04/2021, 1:20 AM
You can use
jvm { withJava() }
in your target configuration. See Last I was aware though you couldn’t do this if you also had an

Jeff Lockhart

02/04/2021, 1:34 AM
This is exactly what I need, except I do have an android target, and not a jvm target. (This is an iOS/Android shared module.) Unfortunately
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android {
doesn’t work.
Might have to resort to some ugly reflection as a workaround until the library gets a fix out.

Big Chungus

02/04/2021, 7:35 AM
Maybe try creating a jvm module for these things and then jyst consume it as a dependency in your main android module?

Animesh Sahu

02/04/2021, 9:11 AM
Did you mean
actual typealias SomeExpectClass = package.of.JavaClass
blob thinking upside down?

Jeff Lockhart

02/05/2021, 4:07 AM
No, I’m not typealiasing the actual directly to the Java implementation. I just need to use a Java shim to access one specific dependency as part of the android actual implementation. I ended up writing some reflection code to access the inaccessible type in the Java dependency from Kotlin.