# multiplatform

Michal Klimczak

02/02/2021, 10:18 AM
Hey guys, remember the library for coroutine wrappers created from annotations? It's now called Koru, I've fixed a few things about it and wrote an introductory article Enjoy 🙂
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Michal Harakal

02/02/2021, 11:24 AM
Is there a reason, why did you implemented it as annotation processor, not as a kotlin compiler plugin. I am not judging your decision, just trying to learn rationale in a decision process.

Michal Klimczak

02/02/2021, 11:33 AM
@Michal Harakal I'm still not sure about this part tbh. I guess I was trying to start with what the big guys do, e.g. moshi or dagger. One thing that I will try to do is to get rid of explicit path to kapt dir, it's annoying and I don't see that in all the daggers. Other than that, not sure what big advantage of one over another might be.
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02/02/2021, 2:38 PM
I hadn't thought kapt would work for something like this because it's jvm-based.
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Michal Klimczak

02/02/2021, 3:48 PM
The processor module was at some point a pure jvm module and it generated kotlin via kotlinpoet which was then used as kotlin native without problem. I only changed it from pure jvm to multiplatform because of some weird issues with IDE and integration tests

Philip Dukhov

04/12/2021, 3:40 PM
Hi @Michal Klimczak. I’m trying to build a local annotation processor for my project, that’s how I found this thread. Your source code already helped with some issues, so thank you! But also I’ve faced a couple of issues, could you take a look at my questions( in case you’ve faced some?
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