# multiplatform

Megan Teahan

01/19/2021, 7:51 PM
Hello all, I had a question about Multiplatform use. I was thinking about setting up a project I’m working on in a way, and just wanted to see if people saw any early gotcha’s because of Kotlin’s iOS Framework’s “closed world” concept. I’m creating a Multiplatform library that has a module for requesting data, running authentication, and an umbrella module that references dataSource and auth to create a framework for iOS.
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The auth module holds a common interface for an auth flow I want apps to follow. Because of issues I was having importing iOS frameworks into Kotlin, I was thinking of just creating a Swift Auth Module (I’m new to iOS development so I apologize if that’s not the right language) that would pull in the Kotlin auth framework and make an iOS implementation of that auth interface.  Then my client would pull in the umbrella framework created and also this Swift Auth module/framework.  Would this potentially collide because the Swift Auth Module is referencing one Kotlin Multiplatform framework and the client is also referencing the Kotlin umbrella framework? Or do people have other recommendations on how to tackle this?
With better understanding, there would be overlap and pull in the same classes and reference them as different. So I'll be looking into other ideas.