# multiplatform

James Sherlock

12/10/2020, 3:31 PM
Bit of a bizarre one but has anyone had any success with an iOS app using purely Swift Package Manager? We've got a branch working using the CocoaPods plugin in conjunction with - the iOS app itself completely ignores the pods and only brings in things via SPM but we have a dependency on Firebase which is now freaking out with the SPM plugin when we remove CocoaPods from the Kotlin side of things.
ld: framework not found FirebaseFirestore
(as part of the linkReleaseFrameworkIosArm64 step) We're hoping to try and completely remove Pods but it looks like the KMM project can't build without it? Any guidance appreciated 🙏 Thank you
To clarify we've gone through some phases: Everything using CocoaPods (both on the Kotlin side and in the iOS app) Then we switched it so only the Kotlin side uses CocoaPods and the iOS app uses SPM. (Using We're now trying to remove the last reference to CocoaPods in Kotlin -- but it doesn't have the Firestore dependency it needs.