I've just published a first preview version of the...
# multiplatform
I've just published a first preview version of the gradle plugin I've been working for past couple days. It enables publishing to NPM repositories in a similar way
does for maven repsitories. It also setups your publications automatically from your JS compilations, yet allows for custom publications too. Give it a goo and let me know what you think! https://gitlab.com/lt.petuska/kpm-publish/-/releases/v0.0.2 Slack Conversation
Thanks @Big Chungus this looks helpful
As usual, found compatibility issues with kotlin 1.4 after initial release.. Here's a hotfixed release: https://gitlab.com/lt.petuska/kpm-publish/-/releases/v0.0.3
Just released v0.0.4
Apologies guys, but I've decided to rename the plugin from kpm-publish to npm-publish while noone is using it yet since the mission now has changed to support generic npm packages (not just kotlin). Here's v0.0.5