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# multiplatform
in continue of: I did the changes, so both modules are MPP now. I have to mention, that project structure is a bit more difficult, that just 2 models. I’m trying to combine Clean Architecture with MPP.  Priject structure is: • config (“pure-kotlin”) • domain (“pure-kotlin”) • data (“pure-kotlin”) • infrastructure (mpp module with android, jvm support) • utils (“pure-kotlin”) But as @Joffrey all these modules are MPP (with android and jvm support). And that’s a place where i got stuck. My
has a dependency on
and buring build phase this dependency fails on
Cannot choose between the following variants of project :utils:....
.  I think that the reason is in defining targets in
files (every module have the same):
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So compiler does not know what to do. Neither me. =( If you have some thoughts or ideas how to solve this, please share, thank you
If I understood correctly, and your library is pure kotlin, then you shouldn't need to have two jvm targets, as you can just use the default one on android.
so just
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And then in your
project, where you want to use android specific stuff, you would use something like:
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yeah, it works! Thank you