# multiplatform

Jurriaan Mous

02/18/2020, 8:10 PM
Is there any way to debug common tests with 1.3.6x? It currently does not stop at breakpoints. I develop a library mainly through common tests and that workflow is broken. It seems it was broken in the last Kotlin release and no activity to fix it in over a month. (I would expect a hotfix) Maybe I missed a method to make the tests pause at breakpoints?

Kris Wong

02/18/2020, 8:23 PM
which we have to use for debugging iOS tests as well

Jurriaan Mous

02/18/2020, 8:52 PM
Well that is how I manage to do it at the moment indeed... It is also broken in JS. I miss the time it used to work. With the Kotlin plugin updates, IDE updates and dependent native updates it is difficult to downgrade. (Was only noticing it after a while) I thought I wait it out with the already reported issue but it is now a long time.


02/18/2020, 9:54 PM
Can you report that regression on and specify that it's a regression? I'm very sure that KMPP QA will be happy to check it out and have a priority set on it 🙂


02/19/2020, 2:15 AM
I’m able to debug jvm tests with Android studio 3.6. It’s in release candidate stage now so should be usable.