# multiplatform

Kris Wong

02/04/2020, 6:06 PM
hmmm, moved a dependency from a compile-inline project to pulling a klib from artifactory, and now its APIs are no longer being exported correctly
ahhh ...
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As shown in this example, maven dependency also can be exported. But due to current limitations of Gradle metadata such a dependency should be either a platform one (e.g. kotlinx-coroutines-core-native_debug_macos_x64 instead of kotlinx-coroutines-core-native) or be exported transitively (see below).
of course that also fails
e: Compilation failed: Could not find serialized descriptor for index: 1155966942217184564 kotlinx.coroutines.internal,<root>,NativeThreadLocal
it looks like i should be able to use target-specific API dependencies and export them
woot - works