# multiplatform

Dmitri Sh

12/21/2019, 3:12 AM
Good day today. The KMP project we have been working on for the annual CodeWeek event is a finalist! 250 teams competing, we are one of the top 25 going into the finals in January. WatchOS KTOR client made it just in the nick of time! Still needs polishing and a good amount of refactoring, but I think the main point proven - we share logic and networking across multiple targets (and planning to add more)


12/21/2019, 3:59 AM
“CodeWeek” event for what? In any case, looks pretty interesting. Will check out.

Dmitri Sh

12/21/2019, 4:01 AM
I guess it needs some explaining. We have an annual event called CodeWeek where tech teams present tech ideas to senior business management. So this year my team picked KMP as a very promising technology to unify our applications and apps. And we made it to the finals. If still not clear, let me know.