# multiplatform

Jérôme Gully

11/03/2019, 1:53 PM
Hi, I plan to participate to the Github annual Game Jam, and with my team we want to try Kotlin multi-platform to make the game running on Android, iOS and Web. I'm a bit lost about the way to create and configure the project into intellij, betweens Multiplatform library or mobile Android/iOS. The first is just a shared library and the other seems to generate the project for android and ios (very nice, but can I add web too ?)


11/03/2019, 6:22 PM
Yes, just add a js target in your build script as per the docs
What is the point of using multiplatform on a game jam?

Jérôme Gully

11/03/2019, 6:24 PM
Ok so I can start with the mobile Android/iOS template then add js target.
The point is to have a concrete motivating goal to try this techno, and see what's going right and what's hard to handle. Final goal is to use it in our projects