# multiplatform

Big Chungus

10/03/2019, 3:03 PM
I'm about to finish MVP version of my Virtual DOM multiplatform library available for COMMON, WASM & JS. The end goal is full DOM isolation in WASM, allowing to use Kotlin to develop WASM-Only webapps. Here's the repo if you're interested:
Currently it has a low-level DOM tree representation and diffing implemented (excluding event hadles). There's a kvdom-sample subproject if you want to see it in action. I was able to implement even main function in common module.
And as always, ideas & merge requests are welcome


10/03/2019, 3:34 PM
Is there an example webpage online to see how it works in our browsers, including mobile devices without having to build?

Big Chungus

10/03/2019, 3:35 PM
Not at the moment. It's still unreleased as i want to implement event handles as well before i go live with mvp
But the sample build is pretty quick


10/04/2019, 2:37 AM
Curious as to how you are handling WASM when Kotlin's WASM support is very limited (eg no interop with JS libraries).

Big Chungus

10/04/2019, 5:08 AM
I'm creating my own js interop. It's a tedious job, but i see a great value in a library as such. Especially for wasm
Have a look at the wasm module and you'll see
Here's prebuild WASM sample. Just serve the directory with any http-server