My common module's tests used in JS target are com...
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My common module's tests used in JS target are compiled but not executed. Having assertion in the tests like
still does not fail my test runs with
./gradlew check
. Any suggestions on how to resolve this?
Do you see a report for the JS tests in the build directory? (build/reports/tests/jsTest)
No, that's how i've deducted that they're not run
They should run. (I have a project with common JS tests) Are you on a recent Kotlin version and do you use the browser and/or node js target?
More here in the introduction blog (if that is the issue):
I am and I've managed to resolve it. The issue was somewhere around me using
expect open class XXX
. Not sure why. Replacing that with expect interface it started running again.
Btw, any idea how to run common tests on native? Also when i run my tests on js the intellij does not show any test outputs like on jvm. (But reports are generated)
I had similar issues and reported them: It seems the in-IDE support to show results for JS/Native is not done yet and you now need to set up which test events you want to be notified for. (See tickets)
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Seems in IDE support is really near as it is in progress: