# multiplatform

Ricardo Meneghin

08/09/2019, 3:03 PM
Hello, I'm having a hard time upgrading my project to kotlin 1.3.41 from 1.2.31. I have a multiplatform library that contains all my project's models, and several other modules that depend on it. I'm trying to add the library as a dependency to my other modules. Currently i'm adding two lines like: implementation project (":models-library") implementation "my.groupmodels library jvm$version" However I'm running into two problems: 1 - transitive dependencies aren't being resolved; models-library depends on several libraries and I get a bunch of "unresolved reference" errors when compiling other modules; 2 - Currently I have to manually run "publishToMavenLocal". Could anyone help me?
I'm also having problems in Intellij; when I use ctrl to go to a definition, it opens the decompiled jar file instead of the source file from my library
refactoring is also broken


08/09/2019, 3:21 PM
It seems like you just placed 3 separate issues into one thread.
If you open the kotlin 1.2 project in intellij, the kotlin plugin can help you convert the code to kotlin 1.3
If your models lib has one jvm target, it should resolve that for your jvm sourceset if you have the sub project as a dependency for the common sourceset
The latter problems may be dependent upon upgrading.

Ricardo Meneghin

08/09/2019, 3:26 PM
I mean, I think all of those issues are caused by using a dependency from local maven instead of a project, but if I remove that dependency the project doesn't build
all my gradle files are already upgraded to 1.3.41