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04/22/2019, 2:39 AM
Hi, everyone, I this post a little bit different, sorry if writing in different thread. We started to work with Kotlin Multiplatform as soon as it was announced for the first time. And not so far time ago we managed to submit our first app that was developed with multiplatform approach to Play Market. We put all client/server communication and screen logic inside common module. And on native platfroms we implemented only views. We have some difficulties with Apple review, but I think we will pass it. I just wanted to say
Thank You
to everyone who worked on this technology and everyone who helping other peoples here in Slack (in this and any other channels). We had a lot of questions, issues and troubles during our development and it’s great that you can came here and ask question. Than You all.
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04/22/2019, 7:17 AM
That’s great news! My team is only in the beginning of this journey. Let us know, please, how it has been resolved with Apple, once it’s done, and what were the issues and resolution.
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