# multiplatform


01/22/2019, 11:58 PM
Maybe a dumb/obvious question: I have a KMPP that I'm currently building for JS and JVM. I expose multiple simple functions (no threading/coroutines or I/O) written in Kotlin in each of these libraries, and then call them on each platform via interop. I'm currently just using JavascriptCore on iOS with the JS artifacts, but my next step is to spit out iOS frameworks too. The project consists of several Gradle modules with interdependencies (i.e., module A has no project dependencies, module B depends on A, module C depends on A and B). Is this configuration supported for KMPPs targetting iOS? If so, is there some example of a multi-module KMPP that spits out either an all-in-one iOS framework, or multiple interdependent framework files?


01/23/2019, 3:10 AM
Any multiplatform mobile app written in kotlin. Someone asked for examples of those not long ago, presumably in this channel.