# multiplatform

Cyrille QUÉMIN

01/12/2019, 6:16 PM
Hi guys, I am using Kotlin multiplatform 1.3.11 and I am working on a android/iOS library. I have trouble with some of the crypto related functions on iOS. So far I manage to successfully use CCCrypt, CCCryptorCreate, CCCryptorUpdate and CCCryptorFinal. However when I try to use asymmetric encryption method such as SecKeyCreateRandomKey I got a signal 11: Segmentation fault. Worth mentioning that I am testing those methods via unit test witch launch an iOS simulator without UI. I read that some other people had issue with encryption method and Kotlin native so maybe these are related?? If any of you has an idea ? And also how is it best to debug ? Can I debug Kotlin native code? How can I have a stacktrace or something that will help me identifying the root cause. I know for sure that the call that fails is SecKeyCreateRandomKey regardless of all the parameters variations i tried I always get a segmentation fault.