I rather hope that there will be a Flutter/React l...
# multiplatform
I rather hope that there will be a Flutter/React like API based on a Kotlin DSL that is cross platform. That it is also possible to mix it with native UI elements which is not possible in Flutter. It should be possible to create one based on Yoga on native and Android (https://yogalayout.com which is also used by React Native) and with CSS on web.
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Maybe there could be a prototype which works with React Native and ReactDOM which later gets a native implementation?
Some people already experimented with a Kotlin React implementation.


Better all the way Kotlin than to mix Kotlin and Dart 😮
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Thanks for sharing that video. I think that’s a great approach for Kotlin in general.
I'm currently working on just that, though it's using linear layouts as its layout basis. It's going to be done within the next couple of months (we have a project we're going to be using it on) and I already have desktop and Android working, with web in progress and iOS planned. I'll be posting it here when I have it.
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Sounds great! Please let us know! 😄
Someone made a Rust wrapper for yoga. Something similar in Kotlin might be a step in the right direction. https://github.com/bschwind/yoga-rs