# multiplatform

Edouard Goossens

07/05/2018, 2:32 PM
I’m experimenting with a project structure where a Ktor app uses two multi-platform modules (JVM . When I include only one module, it works fine, but when I include the second one, I get ClasssNotFoundException errors. I created a reproducible example at What am I missing? Thanks!
The project builds fine, the errors are at runtime
The magic happened again (struggle for two days, ask the question, find the answer an hour later) The .jar files produced take the name of the directories at the end of the path, so they have to be different in every module, otherwise the first generated one wil be replaced by the second. Instead of lib/dummy/common lib/dummy/jvm lib/utils/common lib/utils/jvm I have lib/dummy/dummy-common lib/dummy/dummy-jvm lib/utils/utils-common lib/utils/utils-jvm