I have stuck in multiplatform + android instant ap...
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I have stuck in multiplatform + android instant app module setting. I have 4 modules as of now. 1. Common Module 2. Feature Module which also serves as platform module with
3. App Module 4. Instant App Module https://gist.github.com/PrashamTrivedi/7e0837756a6b6e0503e9eb26b739fe0c Here is my stripped down gradle setup. Problem is: Common data is not considered as module. What am I doing wrong?
What’s the actual error message ?
No error message. 😟 Sync and build completes fine. Studio is not recognizing common module as a legitimate module.
Package directory should show blue, and with flattened package. like
. Studio shows
Oh I see. I noticed you’ve renamed your gradle files from the usual
to something more expressive. This is most likely the issue. Do you have something like this in your settings.gradle ?
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void rename_recursively(project) {
    project.buildFileName = "${project.name}.gradle"
    project.children.each { child -> rename_recursively(child) }

rootProject.children.each { project -> rename_recursively(project) }
I didn't rename my gradle files. If you're referring the gist as it is. Try replacing
I wrote filenames with
because gist doesn't allow me to have /.
Ok, then sorry I don’t have more leads on your problem at the moment.
Ok, then sorry I don’t have more leads on your problem at the moment.
Not an issue. From what you have pointed out earlier, I have updated gist for more clarity.
I will try with IntelliJ instead of Android Studio for creating Multiplatform projects. Let's see if I can get any indication for what I am doing wrong
Ah ! Good catch, that happened to me as well 🙂