03/12/2018, 3:21 PM
I am struggling with intellij, I can build my project with gradle but suddenly intellij throws the following error for my common module
Error:(3, 1) Kotlin: The feature "multi platform projects" is experimental and should be enabled explicitly
Anybody had the same experience and can give me a pointer?


03/12/2018, 4:43 PM
Do you get this error from gradle build? Do you use
compiler task option?


03/12/2018, 5:18 PM
gradle works fine (on the console, also in the gradle view). Even rebuild project is green but the above mentioned error pops up in the messages view. Due to this I cannot longer run tests (unless I activate Delegate IDE run/build actions to gradle)
I just updated to 2017.3.5 and tried it again without the delegate
i get the error that no SDK is defined for the common module. Yet, that seems to be OK (it is at least also like that when I let IntelliJ create a new multi-platform project)
forgot to mention, specifying the SDK does not help, I still have the same error as initially described